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Not all of these services will be available at every trauma center. You will need to register with the TSN to see what is currently available at your trauma center. If one or more of these programs is not yet available at your trauma center, you can still go to our Community Forum to link up with other survivors and their families for information, support and hope. If you are interested in helping to establish a program at your trauma center, please contact the Center's TSN Coordinator or send an email to ATS at

Peer Visitation

Peer visitors can help you in the hospital or after you return home by listening to your concerns and offering support and encouragement. Peer visitors are volunteer trauma survivors who have experienced the aftermath of a serious injury and can answer your questions from the perspective of someone who’s ‘been there.’ Learn more

Peer Support Groups

When you experience a major event in your life, like being injured, few things are more helpful than being around other people who are facing similar challenges. Most support groups meet at least monthly and offer educational meetings with guest speakers who can address various topics of concern to the group. Learn more


Learn how to become a “self-manager” and how the mindset of a self manager can help you on the road to recovery after a serious injury. Join a NextSteps class and become skilled at finding solutions to your health problems. By being prepared you are better able to handle difficulties as they arise. Learn more

Family Class

Traumatic injury impacts family and friends in many ways. They are often overwhelmed by the many changes that occur. Caregivers deal with feelings of frustration, anger, guilt, fear or sadness, and the responsibilities of caregiving. Learn more