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Suicide Support Groups

The Jason Foundation was founded by Clark Flatt after losing his sixteen year-old son, Jason, to the silent epidemic of youth suicide. Since then, The Jason Foundation has worked to help educate young people, parents, teachers, and others who work with young people about youth suicide. Their mission is helping young people deal with the pressures of growing up by offering choices other than suicide as an answer to problems.

The Jed Foundation was established in order to prevent suicide on college campuses and focus on the underlying causes of suicide. The Jed Foundation convenes higher education and government leaders as well as scientific research and mental health experts in order to design effective prevention programs that reflect the best in current thinking. They create innovative web sites, such as Ulifeline™, which brings help directly to students by linking them to their respective college health centers.

Light for Life Foundation - Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program is a community-based outreach program of Light for Life Foundation International, Yellow Ribbon offers a program that teaches about the internal nature of depression and loneliness. Suicide Prevention Community Development, Gatekeeper Training, seminars, workshops with fully developed curriculum (and videos) are available.

The Links National Resource Center for Suicide Prevention and Aftercare is dedicated to reaching out to those affected by suicide and connecting them to resources, through speeches and workshops concerning depression, warning signs of suicide, and how to respond and get help; resource materials including a prevention packet of information; telephone counseling; information referrals concerning other resources and organizations; suicide curriculum for high school students and referrals for support groups for survivors of suicide (SOS).

National Center for Suicide Prevention Training currently has two Internet-based workshops. The first one, “Locating, Understanding, and Presenting Youth Suicide Data,” is available on an ongoing basis. The second workshop, "Planning and Evaluation for Youth Suicide Prevention," is being prepared for pilot testing. The Center’s website provides more information on training.

National Organization for People of Color Against Suicide (NOPCAS) was formed to stop the tragic epidemic of suicide in minority communities. Their mission is to improve the knowledge of counselors, educators, parents, and peers about insight on depression, brain disorders, and coping methods.

SA/VE (Suicide Awareness / Voices of Education) mission is to prevent suicide through public awareness and education, eliminate stigma and serve as a resource to those touched by suicide.

SPAN USA (Suicide Prevention Action Network)’s mission is to provide a way for survivors of suicide - those who have lost someone to suicide - to transform their grief into positive action to prevent future tragedies.

Suicide Prevention Resource Center supports suicide prevention by offering the best of science, skills, and practice. The Center provides technical assistance, training, and informational materials to strengthen suicide prevention networks and advance the National Strategy for Suicide Prevention.

The Suicide Prevention Action Network is a non-profit national organization that links the energy of those bereaved or touched by suicide with the expertise of leaders in science, health, business, government and public service to achieve the goal of significantly reducing the national rate of suicide by the year 2010.

Youth Suicide Prevention Program The Youth Suicide Prevention Program is dedicated to reducing youth suicide through training, public awareness and communities in action.