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Danielle's Story

I'm so grateful to have a life that makes me happy, an amazing husband, a career that gives me so much fulfillment and the inner strength to keep going if any challenge comes my way.

But it wasn't always that way. Back in 2011 I came to the US from the UK as a leading fitness model and trainer. Within 3 months of working I was hit by an SUV and almost died. My whole world fell apart. I had multiple fractures, brain injury, memory loss, knocked out my teeth, metal rods in my body and to top it long term boyfriend dumped me over the phone whilst in hospital. I didn't know who I was anymore. I was trapped in a body and life I didn't recognize and faced a long road ahead. I was so depressed, anxious, sad and alone that I just wanted to binge eat and sleep away the days.

I would cry every time I looked in the mirror. Who is this person? Whose life is this? I just wanted to give up and hide away. One night I sat alone on the sofa crying my eyes out and wishing my mum was still alive. My mind began to wander and I started to think about her giving up on life and drinking herself to death within 18 months of my parents' divorce.

I knew I couldn't go down that road and give up on life like she did. I had to face my problems and find the strength to rebuild my life and keep going no matter what. I would fight every day for my body and mind that I would walk miles with my walker every day with no teeth in the middle of Beverly Hills. 

These days my life is much happier as I have a new way of living. I've managed to beat the anxiety and depression, meet the love of my life, get married, have a career that gives me such meaning and joy, knowing that I'm able to give back to the world and later this year (2019) I'm about to welcome our first baby.

So that's why I'm so passionate about helping other survivors who have suffered a traumatic injury. I want to help them find the strength to keep going and to come out the other side with a life they love. Because if you know anyone who has struggled with traumatic injuries, you know that it can be very challenging.