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Nick's Story

tell us a little about your trauma story

Hello my name is Nick. I was assulted on November 16, 2013. I was physically beaten to death. EMT reported sustain “Blunt Traumatic Arrest” pronounced dead at the scene for 25 minutes. I sustain contusion to my head, severe bruising to the heart, broken ribs,  and fluid to my brain, but more importantly I lacked oxygen to the brain.

What was recovery like?

My recovery was about 3 ½ months in the Community Regional Medical Center & Leon S. Peter  Rehabilitation Acute and Centre For Neuron Skills in Bakersfield Ca. Where I was a in-patient for 1 1/2 years. I was in an induced coma for 2 ½ weeks. Then in a Vegetated State for 3 weeks, not knowing how I would recover was very scary and foggy to me. Just hearing all the Doctors, Nurses, Therapists saying I would never be able to walk, talk, eat, and see because I was very grave. I lost 50 pounds and felt like my whole body was deteriorating. I knew recovery was going to be difficult but with amount of support from my parents Nick Sr. Maria and my brother Tiger being my advocate for my recovery and our FAITH based. Also my friends were a big impact in my recovery. They never left the hospital and continued to help me recover. That meant everything to me. My parents told me that I had so many support from my teachers from Elementary, Jr. High and High School and the Soccer Community from Clovis/Fresno Ca. I also had USF Dons Mens Soccer Players from the College I attended at University Of San Francisco. Where I maintained a 3.9 GPA studying Chemistry to become a Doctor. And also played for the Mens Dons Soccer Team. I knew I  had to except what happen to me and not looked back what I used to be. Rehabilitation was going to be a challenge for me. I worked hard everyday with all my Physiatrist, Occupational Therapist,  Physical therapist, Speech & Language pathologist, Neuropsychologist, and Social worker case manger, Rehabilitation nurse, Traumatic brain injury nurse specialist. 

I was eager to Re-learn everything that was lost. I’m so Grateful and Blessed with all my treatments. And through out my recovery I never stopped Believing in myself. Feeling like I was normal, this stems from all my support from family and my friends. With strength and perseverance I never gave up! My Scars Tell A Story, They Are Reminder Of When Life Tried To Break Me, But Failed! With God I have learned anything is possible. Also had the Honor to meet Film Director Pastor Jason Noble movie "Breakthrough" who prayed over me at our Church Fresno Cornerstone. 


The reason I want to share my story to TSN, survivors and loved ones is to be a voice for those who do not have one. It is also my desire to educate people about the serve impact of brain injuries. And how it effects every aspect of my life. I believe it is important that I reveal all my struggles, so that others will know that with hard work and a dedication to rehabilitate is possible. Miracles do happen if you Believe and have FAITH! 

Without question I would never have had the opportunity to speak about my traumatic injury. Across the Central Valley, Fresno State University , Community Medical Center at Survivor Reunion, our Church Fresno Cornerstone about Miracles and also had the Honor to be a Guest Speak at Centre For Neuron Skills for a Seminar that was held in Fresno, CA. The room was filled with Doctors and Therapist who took part in my recovery, but had no clue I would be there. Everyone that took a big part in my Journey especially Dr. John Edward from Leon S. Peter Rehabilitation Acute in Fresno Ca. And CRMC Hospital Staff Fresno CA. And Dr. Mark Ashley from Centre For The Neuron Skills in Bakersfield Ca. It is my Dream to continue on this journey speaking to those who need words of encouragement.