Trauma Survivors Network - provided by ATS

For Family & Friends


We are here for you! Most of us have little experience with traumatic injury. A sudden injury, the accompanying hospitalization and resulting recovery can be challenging, not only for the person who is injured, but also for their family and friends. Losing a loved one due to an injury is particularly heartbreaking, but connecting and sharing with others who have had similar experiences can help. The American Trauma Society provides the TSN to help you through this difficult time. The main goal of the TSN is to help trauma survivors and their families rebuild their lives.

We encourage you to explore our website to learn about the free programs, services, and resources the TSN has to offer you. Please join the TSN if you think we can help you…or if you can help support and inspire others.


Some of the programs and services provided through the TSN for you and your family include:

  • A direct link to CarePages where you can create a free, personal, private web page to help you communicate with friends and family
  • A Traumapeda where you can learn from the experts about common injuries and how they are treated
  • A Patient & Family Handbook that provides you with practical information about your trauma center and what to expect in the hours and days after an injury
  • A Peer Visitation to link trauma patients with volunteer trauma survivors who are ready to listen
  • Peer Support Groups where trauma survivors connect and learn from each other
  • The Next Steps where trauma survivors learn how to better manage life after a serious injury
  • A Community Forum where trauma survivors and their families share experiences and provide support and hope to others


When you join the TSN you will become a member of a growing community of people who have experienced a serious injury. Here are just some of the ways you can benefit:

  • Communicate online with friends and family about your loved one’s injury
  • Learn about injuries from trauma experts
  • Explore your loved one’s trauma center and the services it provides
  • Connect with others and share your experiences
  • Give hope and inspiration to others