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New Jersey Trauma Center at University Hospital

University Hospital is an academic medical center with 519 licensed beds, and an active medical staff of more than 525. We are a regional resource for advanced care in a wide range of medical specialties. We are home to northern New Jersey’s Level I Trauma Center and to specialty programs such as the Center for Liver Diseases and the Comprehensive Stroke Center.


In July of 2018, at the leadership of Dr. David Livingston, University Hospital began a program known as the Trauma Suvivorship Program. In this program we identify patients in the hospital who have been through serious trauma and welcome them into the Center for Trauma Survivorship. At the Center for Trauma Survivorship we conduct follow up appointments, psychological services, and identify baseline scores for depression, PTSD, and caregiver burden. Not only do we attend the needs of our patients, but also of those who are in the primary caregiver role. Caregivers are often times very stressed out and have a gamut of issues to deal with while they are in the road to recovery with their loved ones. Our goal is to consolidate and conduct follow up appointments, address underlying psychological issues due to trauma and assist with psychosocial support. Our program will address every issue we can in order to ease the long recovery process.

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Derrick Sieck
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