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NextSteps Online is now enrolling!

Classes are starting October 30, 2014. The NextSteps program is based on the principles of self-management. The self-management approach to health recognizes that YOU play the most important role in your recovery.

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HHS Secretary Announces $840 Million Initiative to Improve Patient Care and Lower Costs

(10/29/14) Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia M. Burwell today announced an initiative that will fund successful applicants who work directly with medical providers to rethink and redesign their practices, moving from systems driven by quantity of care to ones more

Concussion Symptoms Still Unclear To Many Parents, Hurting Kids' Chances Of Recovery

(10/13/14) With football season fully underway, experts are pushing for increased knowledge about the sports risk for concussions from the scrambling pack of pee wee athletes to the seasoned varsity squad. According to recent research, however, few parents have it all more

Life Expectancy Reaches Record High - Unintentional Injury Remains Leading Cause of Death

(10/10/14) Life expectancy at birth in the United States was at an all-time high of 78.8 years in 2012, with much of the improvement attributed to reductions in death rates from major causes of death, such as heart disease, cancer, stroke, and chronic lower respiratory more

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Chris' Story

On November 30th, 2011, after an intense morning of working with my son and his autism therapy team, I decided to go into our local climbing gym, with my 4 year old son in-tow. I was a typical stressed-out mom…spinning in lots of directions, trying to manage child and self-care, and climbing was one of my ways of de-stressing and being active.    I remember walking into the gym and saying to the guy behind the desk: more

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