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The TSN Recovery Assessment is designed for patients who are recovering from a traumatic injury. The questions are meant to help you understand your strengths and available resources, as well as to help you identify potential problems or challenges you may face in your recovery.

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Hospital-acquired conditions mean Medicare penalties for 700-plus hospitals

(12/19/14) More than 700 hospitals will see their total Medicare payments docked by 1% in fiscal 2015 as part of the first year of a federal penalty program aimed at reducing preventable harm and improving patient safety. The Hospital-Acquired Condition Reduction more

Study Finds When Gas Prices Go Up, So Do Motorcycle Accidents

(12/17/14) As gas prices rose in recent years, so did motorcyclist injuries and deaths, a new study suggests.  In times of gas increases, more people start using motorcycles and many of those riders are inexperienced, the researchers explained.  They examined more

Congress Approves FY15 Spending Package to Avoid Shutdown - Implications for the Healthcare

(12/15/14) This weekend, Congress narrowly approved a $1.01 trillion omnibus spending bill (H.R. 83 - Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act, 2015), to fund the operations of the federal government through September 30, 2015 and overt a more

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Adam's Story

The bell rang at 3:00 p.m., signifying the end of another day in my life. I was a high-school senior, the captain of the track team, and had to hurry and change for practice. I was going to a University of Miami basketball game with friends that night. After practice, I ate dinner, kissed my mother goodbye and drove to a friend's house. He borrowed his parents' mini-van, we stopped to fill the tank up, I put the seatbelt in my hand. The more

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