Trauma Survivors Network - provided by ATS

Make a Gift

If your trauma center and the TSN have helped you or your loved one after the injury, please consider making a gift to ensure that everyone gets the help they need…when they most need it. Your trauma center counts on your help to provide the TSN services.

A gift of any amount can help! Remember…your gift will combine with thousands of others to make a real difference.

Donate to your trauma center now and help others survive…connect…and rebuild:

  • Make a contribution in recognition of a survivor—in honor of his or her accomplishments, a birthday or injury date
  • Celebrate the memory of a loved one who lost his or her life due to a traumatic injury and help your hospital continue to provide the best care possible to all trauma patients
  • Make a general donation to support your hospital’s trauma program and the TSN

Thank-you for your support. Be assured your gift will make a real difference in the lives of those touched by an injury.