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Family Class

Family and Friends: Trauma Information Class

Traumatic injury impacts family and friends in many ways. They are often overwhelmed by the many changes that occur. Caregivers deal with feelings of frustration, anger, guilt, fear or sadness, and the responsibilities of caregiving.

Planning for the Future

The family must make plans for providing care for their loved one. The Family and Friends Class helps the family prepare for the caregiving role by providing resources and information. The class answers questions the family may have at the hospital.

Who Should Attend?

Any family member or friend of a trauma patient is welcome to attend any class. The class focuses on the needs of those who care for, and about, the patient. Family and friends learn how best to comfort the patient. They also learn how to communicate with the doctor, what to expect when the patient returns home, and where to get information about going home.

Family and Friends Class Topics

Surviving the Hospital Stay

  • Getting the information you need
  • Managing visitors
  • Taking care of yourself

Preparing for the Discharge

  • The family role in moving on to rehabilitation or home
  • What to expect when your loved one leaves the hospital

Caring for the Patient at Home

  • Managing the patient’s care
  • Finding help
  • Taking care of yourself and your family

Family Life

  • Finding balance while managing the needs of your loved one, other family members, and your own

You really do need these pointers on what to do, questions to ask, and stuff like that, how to gather more information.

  • Wife of Trauma Patient

It was wonderful to have somebody who had been through this before and they could say “It will get better. This is what you need to do, and physically this is how you do it.” They offered practical solutions, it was wonderful.

  • Mother of Trauma Patient