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A Program of the ATS

Howard University Hospital, Department of Surgery/Division of Trauma

Our Vision Statement:

Recovery is a right not a privilege.

Our Mission Statement:

The TRIUMPH program at Howard University/HUH is dedicated to providing unparalleled trauma recovery supports that honor both our educational legacy, particularly in the field of medicine, and the strength, resilience and intersectional existences of the communities  we continue to serve, with specific attention to the needs of  African Americans, other minorities, and the economically disadvantaged.

What We Believe:

  • A values-based practice helps ensure integrated, trauma-informed care through each stage of a patient’s recovery pipeline.
  • Traumatic events can deeply impact anyone regardless of gender, race or class BUT some individuals and communities are more susceptible and face increased institutional barriers in accessing supportive services.
  • It is our duty to make trauma recovery supports accessible to every member of our society.
  • We heal together- through rigorous and powerful inter-agency collaborations at every level, from intake personnel to administration.
  • Violence and victimization must be understood through an intergenerational, intersectional and holistical lens.
  • We provide our services in an efficient, effective and timely manner in order to immediately minimize the onset of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and increase the quality of survivor recovery.


TSN Coordinator

Erika Cooksey, MSW LMSW
Erika C
Email Coordinator

2041 Georgia Ave NW
Washington, Washington D.C, 20060

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