Support for Families

Traumatic injuries impact not just patients but also their families, bringing about emotional challenges and caregiving responsibilities. The Trauma Survivor’s Network family class is tailored to assist families in preparing for the caregiving role by providing resources, information, and addressing common concerns during hospitalization.

Topics Covered in Family Classes:
Navigating the hospital stay
Obtaining necessary information
Patient care plans
Managing visitors
Self-care for caregivers
Preparing for discharge and transition to rehabilitation or home
What to expect after the loved one leaves the hospital
Caring for the patient at home
Advocating for the patient with the medical team and community
Finding support and assistance
Navigating changes in family life and finding balance


You are vital to helping your loved one
reach their recovery goals.

Local Family Support

Connect with your local TSN program about local family class offerings and support and resources. Find family support near you using our TSN list or TSN map.

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Additional Family and Caregiver Resources

SAMHSA Parent and Caregiver Resources

Family Caregiver Alliance

Caregiver Action Network