History & Mission

Over the past 50 years, advancements in trauma care have significantly reduced mortality and morbidity. However, long-term outcomes for trauma patients remain suboptimal, with emotional responses playing a crucial role. Research indicates that improving post-trauma outcomes involves addressing emotional challenges and providing peer support.

In 2008, the Trauma Survivors Network (TSN) by the American Trauma Society was established to connect survivors, enhance skills, and build a supportive community. TSN focuses on connecting, educating, and empowering trauma survivors and their families, offering resources and advocacy for improved recovery. 

Our Mission:

The Trauma Survivors Network (TSN), created by the American Trauma Society, aims to support trauma patients and their families in navigating hospital stays and facilitating recovery. TSN offers practical information, peer support, and skill-building resources. Collaborating with trauma centers, TSN fosters online communities and provides training for healthcare providers. Research shows that TSN implementation positively impacts post-trauma outcomes and aids in supporting those grieving the loss of a loved one. Explore our website to discover the comprehensive services offered, and if your center is interested in joining as a TSN facility, click here for more information..

Who We Are:

We are a community of patients and survivors looking to connect with one another and rebuild our lives after a serious injury. The underlying goal of our resources and programs is to ensure the survivors of trauma a stable recovery and to connect those who share similar stories..

Join Us:

Join the Trauma Survivors Network (TSN), a program by the American Trauma Society (ATS), to connect with fellow patients and families navigating life after a significant injury. Benefit from free resources, including expert insights on injuries and treatments, peer support, and information to overcome daily challenges. TSN collaborates with trauma centers nationwide to provide valuable programs. Register for free, explore resources, and make a positive impact on your recovery journey. You are not alone—discover hope, inspiration, and a supportive community.