Peer Visitation

Recovery after trauma is challenging, filled with uncertainty and anxiety. The Trauma Survivor’s Network peer visitation program connects trauma survivors with trained individuals who have personally navigated the recovery journey. These peer visitors offer support, understanding, and practical tips, having experienced the entire journey from the rescue scene to rehabilitation.

Benefits of Talking with a Peer Visitor:

Relatable Support: Peer visitors share their own recovery experiences, providing a relatable connection.
Practical Guidance: Patients receive practical tips for moving forward.
Encouragement: Peer visitors offer encouragement, fostering hope and resilience.
Personalized Insights: Questions are answered from the perspective of someone who has been through a similar experience.
Reduced Isolation: Patients feel less anxious, afraid, and alone by connecting with those who understand their journey.  

Get Connected

From surviving to thriving, you are never alone.

Peer Visitation Programs

Connect with your local TSN program about requesting a peer visitor or becoming a peer visitor. Peer visitation is for both, trauma survivors and their family members. Find peer visitation programs near you using our TSN List or TSN map.


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We are a community of survivors navigating the journey to recovery together.

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