Support Groups

Traumatic injuries affect both physical and psychosocial well-being. The Trauma Survivor’s Network Peer Support Groups connect trauma survivors, providing a space to share experiences, offer mutual support, and enhance coping skills.

Benefits of Joining a Support Group:

Share Understanding: Gain support and hope from those with similar experiences.
Emotional Relief: Reduce anxiety, fear and loneliness through shared discussions.
Reciprocal Support: Help others while receiving valuable insights.
Coping Skills: Learn strategies to enhance your life.
Boosted Confidence: Regain self-confidence and a sense of control.
Friendship and Community: Develop supportive friendships within the group.

Join A Support Group

Empowering Healing Together.

National Support Groups

The Trauma Survivors Network offers a virtual support group twice a month using Zoom. Join us using your computer, tablet, or phone.  To register for an upcoming virtual support group, click below.

Local Support Groups

Additional in-person, virtual or hybrid groups may be available through your local trauma center. Connect with your local TSN program for more information about support group offerings. Find support groups near you using our TSN List or TSN map.


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We are a community of support navigating the journey to recovery together.