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Gold Coast Health Trauma Service Commenced in 2014 soon after our move to the brand-new Gold Coast University Hospital (GCUH) in September 2013. GCUH is a $1.8 Billion tertiary facility consisting of eight blocks, nine levels and 750 beds with a total floor space of approximately 170,000 m2 (1,800,000 sq ft). This is topped with helipad with direct access via jumbo lifts to Emergency department (ED), Radiology, Operating Theatres (OT) and Intensive Care Unit (ICU). GCUH ED is the busiest in Queensland and often noted to be the busiest in Australia. Services include specialist cancer and cardiac services, interventional radiology, neurosciences, trauma and neonatal, paediatric and adult intensive care.

GCUH is accredited by The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons as a Level 1 (one) Major Trauma Centre. GCUH is one of Queensland’s largest clinical teaching and research facilities with affiliation to both Griffith and Bond Universities.

GCUH is situated in Southport, in the beautiful City of Gold Coast, Australia. The Gold Coast is Australia’s sixth largest city with an estimated population in 2020 of 699,226 residents and a growth rate of ~2% annually. Gold Coast is located in South East Queensland extending from the New South Wales border up to the Logan River. The catchment area for Gold Coast Hospital Health Service (GCHHS) some 1,000,000 people extending as far south as Coffs Harbours NSW and as far west as Queensland’s western border. The area was visited by 5.3 million tourists in 2018/19 enjoying our 5,000Km2 with 70km coastline, 57km of beaches, 270km of waterways, beautiful hinterland mountains with rainforests, waterfalls and bush in an average of 300 days/year of sunshine.

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Gold Coast Trauma Service cares for over 350 major trauma and 2,000 minor trauma patients per year. Trauma Service staff consists of Trauma Director, Deputy Director, 2 Trauma Surgeons, Trauma Fellow, Trauma Registrars, Trauma Residents, Trauma Manager/Nurse Practitioner (TNP), Trauma Nurse Navigator (TNN), Trauma Research Clinical Nurse Consultant (CNC), Trauma Data System Manager CNC, Trauma Data Manager Clinical Nurse (CN) and Trauma Clinical Nurse Case Manager (TCNCM) and Allied Health team including Social Work, Occupational Therapist, and Physiotherapist. Our Staff are patient centred, family focused and holistic in their approach. The Trauma Service team provides care to the trauma patient from time of arrival in ED and dependent on severity and need throughout the patient’s journey through OT, ICU, the Wards and Rehabilitation during their stay in hospital. Trauma Case Managers are the backbone of the service providing care seven days per week from 7am to 930 pm. Discharge planning is managed by the Trauma Service and post discharge care and follow up is provided by the TNP, TNN and the TCNCM and Allied Health teams via Trauma Service Follow Up program. The TNP conducts a Trauma Connect Clinic outpatients service. Both the TNP and TNN provide ongoing clinical and psychosocial care to Trauma Survivors and their significant others via  Outpatient Department (OPD) clinics telephone consults, telehealth consults and home visits.  The Trauma Service Data team manage our data base, the most current and up to date in Australia, which is a driver for evidence used in our robust research and funding submissions.

The GCUH Trauma Service is proactive in Injury prevention conducting in hospital and multi-media awareness programs such as Falls Awareness and the Prevent Alcohol and Risk-related Trauma in Youth (P.A.R.T.Y.) program. These programs involve Trauma Survivors who present their own lived experience with Trauma to better inform our population providing strategies to minimise their risk of injury.

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TSN Coordinator

Matthew Scott
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Trauma Service, GUCH 1 Hospital Blvd
Southport, Queensland, 4215

work: +61 (0)7 5687 0231
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