Portsmouth Regional Hospital (167)

Mission Statement: To Serve our community with innovative care, delivered with compassion and a commitment to excellence. 

Vision Statement: Portsmouth Regional Hospital will be recognized as a healthcare leader in New England, providing advance care in a safe, healing environment. 

Portsmouth Regional Hospital (PRH) is the only accredited Adult Level II Trauma Center on the Seacoast. First accredited by the State of New Hampshire in 2015 and the verified by the American College of Surgeons Committee on Trauma in May of 2017.  

Portsmouth Regional Hospital is a leader in Acute Critical Medicine for the State of New Hampshire and the Seacoast. We provide multidisciplinary teams in Trauma and Acute Surgery, Cardiac Care, Comprehensive Stroke and ECMO. Portsmouth Regional Hospital is delivering high level, expert care for our patients and their family.  

PRH’s Trauma Services provide 24 hour specialized resources to our patients to include trauma surgeons, orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, anesthesia providers, critical care physicians radiologists, blood bank, pharmacy and specialized nursing. We are prepared to treat the most serious life threatening and disabling injuries. 

Portsmouth Regional Hospital also focuses on education and prevention. We are a resource hospital for 13 EMS services, conduct education in PHTLS, GEMS, TNCC, ENPC and Stop the Bleed. 

PRH proudly offers trauma prevention programing to the Seacoast area with a dedicated trauma and injury prevention professionals. Our work here focuses on community risk reduction specific to fall prevention, water safety, bicycle and pedestrian safety and distracted driving. 

Portsmouth Regional Hospital is committed to the treatment of the trauma patient throughout their journey. As a member of the Trauma Survivors Network, PRH is dedicated to the healing of the trauma patient and their family members. 

We at Portsmouth Regional Hospital are here to support you. Please reach out to us and together we will journey through this experience. 

TSN Coordinator

Madison Sell
Email Coordinator

333 Borthwick Ave
Portsmouth, New Hampshire, 03801

[email protected]

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Upcoming Programs & Events

NextSteps Online

Ongoing The NextSteps program is a free 6-week self management course designed to recognize that YOU play the most important role in your recovery. based on the principles of self-management. It uses techniques that have been scientifically proven to increase one’s self confidence and sense of empowerment. NextSteps teaches you the skills to become an active self manager of your health and your life. Learn more here.


Community Resources

Krempels Center


Located in Portsmouth New Hampshire, the Krempels Center is dedicated to improving the lives of those living with brain injury. The center offers both in person and virtual support groups with the vision of empowering and inspiring those living with brain injury to participate in their communities. Personal development and education opportunities include functional and cognitive skill building, social and communicative skill building, mental health and much more. Their motto, “You’re not who you were. Be who you are!” The Krempels Center can be reached by phone at 603-570-2026

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Northeast Rehabilitation Hospital in Portsmouth


Northeast Rehabilitation Hospital Network includes four acute inpatient rehabilitation hospitals – located in Salem, Portsmouth, Manchester, and Nashua – that provide comprehensive rehabilitation services to help individuals who have been affected by an unexpected, life-changing injury or illness rebuild their lives. Custom recovery programs for stroke, brain injury, amputation, neurological conditions, spinal cord injuries and orthopedic conditions are provided at each of these locations by a comprehensive clinical care team consisting of dedicated hospitalists and physiatrists, RNs, physical, speech and occupational therapists and specialty physicians. All four hospitals are accredited by The Joint Commission and have also earned Disease-Specific Care Certification for brain injury, stroke, and amputee rehabilitation. Contact the Portsmouth location at 603-501-5500 or the Northeast Hospital Network at 603-893-2900

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Northeast Passage


The mission of Northeast Passage is to empower people living with disabling conditions, both visible and invisible, to define, pursue and achieve whole life health, community engagement and fulfillment through the purposeful use of sports and recreation; to develop and promote best practices in the fields of Therapeutic Recreation and Adaptive Sports. Northeast Passage does this by developing, delivering, and evaluating innovative barrier-free recreation and health promotion programs. Our guiding principles are promoting client independence through education and problem solving, creating opportunities, and collaborating with others to create a strong network of accessible recreation. Northeast Passage can be reached by phone at 603-862-0070

Brain Injury Association of New Hampshire


The Brain Injury Association of New Hampshire (BIANH) is the only state-wide organization in New Hampshire dedicated to brain injury and stroke support, prevention, education, and advocacy for survivors and caregivers. The association works with thousands of individuals that have suffered from any of the following brain injuries traumatic brain injury (TBI) (e.g., physical trauma due to accidents, falls, assaults, etc.) stroke, brain tumors, aneurysm and arteriovenous malformation, concussion – mild traumatic brain injury, poisoning (includes alcohol, chemotheraphy, heavy metal exposure, neurotoxins), anoxic injury to the brain, meningitis, encephalitis, and infections of brain. Services and support include specialized care coordination, family support, financial assistance, support groups and more. The Brain Injury Association of New Hampshire can be contacted by telephone at 603-225-8400

Amputee Coalition


The key tenants of the Amputee Coalition are to raise awareness about and increase practices to prevent limb loss, working to ensure that no amputee feels alone through pre and post amputation and recovery and working to help amputees and their family live life to the fullest after amputation. Visit the Amputee Coalition website to connect with other amputees through virtual support groups and chat with an information and referral specialist.

Seacoast Mental Health Center


For 60 years, the Seacoast Mental Health Center has committed themselves to supporting the behavioral health needs of their community. Services offered include but are not limited to youth and family services, older adult services, psychiatric services and crisis services. Learn more on their website.